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Selected Clients


Eskenazi shows first exhibition dedicated to objects from the scholar's studio

Eskenazi will show the first exhibition at the gallery devoted solely to objects from the Chinese scholar’s studio. Presenting a wide selection of intimate objects from rocks, paintings and furniture to bronzes, brushes and brushpots, the exhibition celebrates the culture of the Chinese scholar who occupied a unique position under imperial rule at the top of country’s hierarchical society for over 1,000 years.

Tokyo National Museum to host exhibition of masterpieces from The Al Thani Collection

The Tokyo National Museum will host an exhibition of masterpieces from The Al Thani Collection from 6 November 2019 to 9 February 2020. 'Man, God & Nature in the Ancient World: Masterpieces from The Al Thani Collection’ will feature 117 works of art created by a rich diversity of cultures spanning over three thousand years. United by the themes of Man, God and Nature, it explores the way in which people of the ancient world addressed and interpreted the forces around them. Highlights range from a Kiliya 'stargazer' idol carved from marble circa 3000 BC and an Egyptian royal head carved from jasper circa 1450 BC, to a ceremonial Mayan mask and Sasanian silver from the first centuries of the Christian era.

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Colnaghi and Chahan present the home of a 21st-century Grand Tourist on the Grand Canal in Venice

Colnaghi and Chahan are pleased to announce a partnership celebrating the timeless appeal and enduring legacy of the Grand Tour. The project will present the home of a 21st-century traveller at the historic Abbazia di San Gregorio in Venice where Chahan Minassian will create a signature atmosphere incorporating master paintings with vintage and modern furniture and design. The Abbazia will open on 11 May, coinciding with the launch of La Biennale di Venezia, and will remain open by appointment until 24 November 2019.

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The Al Thani Collection Foundation announces a partnership with the CMN and the Hôtel de la Marine

The Al Thani Collection is proud to announce a partnership with the Centre des monuments nationaux that will provide the Collection with a long-term museum space at the Hôtel de la Marine in Paris, the historic building which was formerly the repository of the French royal collections. The first exhibition is scheduled to open simultaneously with the Hôtel de la Marine in spring 2020.

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Eskenazi shows 'Six Dynasties art from the Norman Kurland Collection: part two'

From 1 to 24 November 2018, Eskenazi will show the second part of the collection of Norman A. Kurland, a renowned American film and television agent who over a period of four decades has assembled the most important private collection of art and sculpture from the Six Dynasties period (220 to 581 AD). The exhibition follows the success of Part one which was held in November 2017 and which attracted great attention with works now residing in museum and private collections. Part two will feature 38 works including two highly important early Buddhist sculptures alongside rare and exceptional examples of earthenware, metalwork and textiles.

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Kings of the World: Expressions of Royal Power and the Arts: Masterpieces from the Al Thani Collection

From September 8th to October 8th, 2018, the Château de Fontainebleau presents, in its stunning ballroom, over sixty masterpieces on loan from the prestigious Al Thani Collection. This exhibition uses ancient sculpture, works of art, metalwork, coins, miniature paintings, weapons and jewellery to explore the image of the king and that of royal power throughout the ages and civilisations, from Sumerian royalty (around 2000 BC) to 19th-century European monarchies, via Pharaonic Egypt, the ancient Near East, Ottoman sultans and Mughal emperors.

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Colnaghi celebrates ancient art at Frieze Masters

Colnaghi returns to Frieze Masters in 2018 where they will celebrate ancient art alongside important European Old Master paintings and sculptures. A leading highlight is an elegant early Christian silver bowl depicting Christ with Peter and Paul (circa 4th – early 5th century AD) which will be shown alongside recently rediscovered paintings by Palma il Giovane (1554-1628), the last of the great Venetian Mannerists, and Salomon de Bray (1597-1664), celebrated painter of the Dutch Golden Age.

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